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Will you get Titans vs. Jaguars on your TV?

The map you see above* is the CBS coverage map for week 12. The Titans and Jaguars game is in the blue. As you probably would have guessed before even seeing the map, there aren’t a lot of TVs across that country that will be getting this game. You pretty much have to live in the direct market to get it.

I am not sure if we will get an early game on CBS here. It seems like we would since the Titans don’t play until 3:05.

Here is the map for the FOX early games on Sunday:

Here we get the Seahawks vs. the Eagles early. Since there are only 2 afternoon games on Sunday, FOX will show the Cowboys vs. Patriots game to the whole country while we are watching the Titans. It will be very tempting to flip over to that game because it is a very intriguing match-up.

*Maps courtesy of 506 Sports.