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Titans News: Jaguar Season

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

It’s that time of the year! Jaguar season. It’s only 2 weeks out of the year, but typically it’s amazing. The Titans need to let Derrick Henry run over the Jags like he normally does and not like what happened at the beginning of the year.

David Stewart (hopefully not former Titan) is not a Tannehill believer, despite being a far superior QB to what Marcus was when Marcus played this year. He says bring back Marcus! No thanks.

AJ Brown is an awesome WR, and the Titans need to use him more. Here is his story. He’s got some pretty cool things to say regarding Marcus as well.

Hopkins got interfered with, BOB challenged the no-call and nothing was reversed. The NFL made the PI challenge rule for reasons unknown. I’m glad the Texans lost, but the NFL needs to get this fixed.

The Titans went to Colin Kaepernick’s workout on Saturday, which is great. They need to always take advantage of any opportunity to potentially improve the team.