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Titans fan confidence on the rise after huge win

We saw the first jump in confidence in this team in a while after the huge win over the Chiefs on Sunday. I was critical after the win over the Buccaneers, but everyone did a great job in the win last week.

Today we get to sit back and not worry about what happens with the Titans. We do have to do a few uncomfortable things like cheering for the Ravens to beat the Texans. I hate cheering for the Ravens. We also need to cheer for the Jaguars to beat the Colts. The AFC South division race becomes really interesting for the Titans if those 2 things happen.

It also wouldn’t hurt if the Dolphins beat the Bills, the Vikings beat the Broncos and the Bengals beat the Raiders. I’m not as worried about that last one, which seems really unlikely, because the Titans still have their meeting with the Raiders.

Use this thread to discuss today’s action.