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Titans News: Lumberjack Legacy

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are doing a really cool thing during the bye week and releasing a bunch of player created content. The first is a story on Wesley Woodyard and his legacy and what he’s learned during his time in the NFL.

Blasingame is the new Titans RB/FB. I have no idea about anything related to Khari except that he played for the Vikings and Vanderbilt. I’d imagine he’s a generational talent, though.

Saint Thomas Sports Park is getting expanded. Amy Adams Strunk is making big time improvements to the practice facility. Hopefully after that they will get to the stadium updates.

The Titans have the bye week to get healthy. Hopefully Jayon, Corey, Jurrell and Delanie get well.

Justin McCariens is the Titans one year wonder. At least we got Travis LaBoy out of it! ranks Ryan Tannehill as the #6 QB overall that will be available this offseason.

Derrick Henry has shot his way up to the 5th RB in the QB Index from MJD.