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Watch Joshua Kalu time the snap perfectly on field goal block

Kansas City Chiefs v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

There was a lot of buzz right after the blocked field goal about whether or not Joshua Kalu was offside on the play. I have to admit, watching it in real time I was sure there was going to be a flag because of how quickly he came off the ball. However, when you go back and watch it Kalu timed the snap perfectly:

The thing that makes him look offside is how slow the Chiefs’ line reacts to the snap. They were half a tick late once the ball moved.

Kalu told Rhett Bryan after the game that Kansas City used the same cadence on all of their field goals. He just went when he heard it called out. That’s a really smart football player making a great play. You love to see that.

This win was so much fun. Hopefully the Titans build off of this one after the bye and keep things interesting around here through week 17.