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Titans News: Defying Logic

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

What a game. The Titans pull off a colossal upset agains the Chiefs. Ryan Tannehill wasn’t perfect but he got the job done, the defense did enough, and Derrick Henry did what he does. Run past and over the defense.

The Titans now go into the bye week at 5-5. We’ve seen this team get these types of wins before. Dallas, NE, and Philly last year, for example. The key is going to be building on it and stacking 3-4 wins on it.

The Titans are giving up big plays on defense which is something they weren’t doing earlier this year. Mecole Hardman gashed them for a big play and Tyreek Hill ate the DBs lunch.

Ryan Tannehill was clutch, leading a 4 play TD drive and 2 point conversion to give the Titans a 3 point lead. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised with Tannehill’s play, but he does take way too many unnecessary sacks.

Like I said earlier, Derrick Henry was a monster. Give him the ball more and road grade these teams. Also get the ball to AJ Brown more.

Josh Kalu had the game preserving play for the Titans, timing the snap perfectly to block the KC field goal.

Taylor Lewan says his penalties are a detriment to the team, and he’s right. Fix it.