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Titans News: Stepping Up

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Don’t worry, this is not about Mike Vrabel stepping up. This is about the Nashville media, which seemingly woke up pissed off for greatness on Monday, asking Mike Vrabel some tough, pointed, much needed questions. He did not handle it well, asking Turron Davenport if “that was enough analytics for him” when asked about how they handle in-game decision making and basically said that the analytics are for those people who have extra time in the building, so ya know, scouts, quality control coaches, the janitors, just random people that aren’t analytically driven.

He also told John Glennon that he “was better than that” when asking a question about the offense. Really, Mike? I thought you were better than sending your 0-3 FG kicker out to attempt a 53 yarder when all common sense flew in the face of that decision making.

Vrabel also told reporters that he’s coaching and putting in extra work “to the detriment of my family” which is such a sad story given the amount of money he is paid to, you know, coach a football team, when asked what he would say to fans that show up on Sundays and pay their hard earned money to watch this sad team play.

Cairo Santos was released on Monday, and Cody Parkey is expected to replace him. Yikes. David Quessenberry was also released, which means the Titans released 17% of their TDs this season per @jrlind on twitter.

Rodger Saffold has stunk it up and says it is about adjusting and he vows to improve.

Kevin Byard has been consistently good this year, as has the defense. Those are 2 of the 6 things that stood out to Jim Wyatt after Sunday’s loss.

Lewan can’t stay out of the news as he got into a twitter beef with some Bills players.