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Mike Vrabel’s decision to attempt a field goal yesterday tells me he won’t be a successful NFL coach

Buffalo Bills v Tennessee Titans Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

I was really happy with the job that Mike Vrabel did last year. There were some questionable calls at times, but overall it really felt like the team was going in the right direction. Honestly, I felt like the team would have won 10 or 11 games if Marcus Mariota hadn’t of had all of the injuries that he suffered last year.

My good feelings about Vrabel are gone. It’s probably good that I’m not the GM or owner because I honestly would have fired Vrabel yesterday after sending Cairo Santos out there to attempt a 53-yard field goal after he already missed 3 field goals on the day...and it’s not even JUST that he had already missed 3 field goals in the game.

Santos for his career is 8 of 17 in his career on kicks 50 yards or longer. He isn’t good at making those kicks even when his confidence isn’t already shot from missing 3 kicks in a game.

You also have the fact that at that point in the game a field goal doesn’t really do you any good. The score was 14-7. Even if Santos makes the kick, which again was never going to happen, the Titans had to stop the Bills AND then drive down and score a touchdown to win the game. They would have to do all of that with under 7 minutes left on the clock. Why would you think the offense was going to be able to do that after only being able to get in the end zone once in 3+ corners AND that touchdown came after Kevin Byard got an interception to set up a short field.

All of this combined tells us that attempting a field goal there was just a terrible decision. There is no excuse for it, and if Vrabel doesn’t know that, I can’t see any way he can be a successful NFL coach. Maybe next time instead of just looking for a leader of men, the Titans should look for someone that understands in game football decisions.