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Titans News: A Series of Predictable Events

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

If you follow the cycle of 9-7, which not only applies to the QB, but the entire team, you’ll know that a good game from Marcus and the offense was only going to be followed up by a dud. Was yesterday Marcus’ fault? No. The OL, kicker, and Mike Vrabel did enough damage themselves to cost the Titans the game. This defense is great, giving up less than 20 points in every contest this year. Unfortunately the offense is horrible. Last week was obviously just a mirage for a half, against a terrible defense and a team that will likely fire their HC soon.

Mariota and some other offensive players took some credit for the loss, which is great because it is certainly not the defense’s fault. Cairo Santos needs to be off the team come tomorrow as well, and sign a new kicker, because he’s a disaster.

Mike Vrabel had Santos’ back after the game and during. Inexplicably letting the 0-3 Santos attempt a 53 yarder when the Titans were down by a TD. Mike Vrabel’s in-game decision making has been unbelievably bad this year, and it cost them for the second time. The Titans allegedly have a in-game advisor for Vrabel, but there is 0 chance that the advisor is giving Vrabel sound advice based in analytics, or Vrabel is just flat out ignoring it. Either way, Jon Robinson needs to get in Vrabel’s ear on figuring these situations out, because the HC in Indy gets these decisions correct 100% of the time because he’s using analytics.