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Confidence in the Titans is ticking back up; Can it continue?

If this graph doesn’t perfectly represent what it is to be a Titans fan I don’t know what does. We pretty much always come into the season feeling like this is the year the Titans put it all together. Then we see a mix of good, terrible and mediocre performances over the course of 17 weeks. As fans we go through the cycle of feeling good, feeling ok and feeling terrible about the direction of the team.

This game on Sunday sets up to be an ugly one, Terry and I talked more about that on our latest episode of MCM Radio. You can listen to that here, but it is a game the Titans really need to win if they are going to make a run at the know....good to great.

The Titans play 3 of their next 4 at home. They really need to win 3 this month so they can open November at 5-3. Can they do it?