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Titans News: Stackable Wins

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans need to win on Sunday. They have to start stacking good performances together to go from Good to Great.

Earl Campbell visited the Titans on Thursday, which is amazing for the franchise. The Titans need more visits from the legends of the team, whether those roots are in Houston or not.

Frank Gore has been a really good running back for a long time. Sunday needs to be a week where he’s not so good and they force Matt Barkley to beat them passing the football.

Taylor Lewan returning should help the WRs (Adam Humphries) not need to chip the left side, and it should also help open up highways for Derrick Henry to run through.

Mariota is 20th in the QB index. Again I think this is a fair ranking given his full season sample size, and deserved bump after the Falcons game.