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Titans fans are getting sharper

Most of the time you can look at our FanPulse confidence graph and tell if the Titans won or lost their last game. This time things are different. The Titans beat the Buccaneers on Sunday but fan confidence went down. It was only a 1% drop, but it was a drop.

That is because the fanbase as a whole is getting sharper. The defense (and the referees) were able to bail out Mike Vrabel and the horrible fake field goal call. It is impossible to have a lot of confidence in this team with Vrabel making at least 1 terrible decision per game.

This game on Sunday is a big one. A win will get the Titans to 5-4 heading into a huge game at home against the Chiefs. Patrick Mahomes will most likely return for that game. Now, get a win there and then we will really have something to be confident about!