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Podcast: Recapping the Falcons; Looking Ahead to the Bills

NFL: SEP 29 Titans at Falcons

On Wednesday night, James and I convened to go in-depth with our key stats and observations from the Titans’ win over the Falcons, and how those takeaways can carry over and apply to Sunday’s home match-up with the Buffalo Bills.

The topics we discussed included...

  • Is Marcus Mariota’s future any clearer through four weeks than it was before the season started?
  • Evaluating Mariota’s performance in this game after watching the All-22
  • Art Smith’s playcalling: good plays with good execution, good calls with bad execution, and some just bad play calls.
  • How Derrick Henry can continue his clock-eating ways next weekend.
  • Defensive performance: Titans put the pressure on Matt Ryan.
  • Outstanding play from the secondary in Atlanta.

And more... Check it out below.