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Titans News: New Approach?

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Vrabel has made some questionable decisions this year. In his Monday press conference he seemed at least open to the idea of using a person or department in the future. Buck Reising said on a recent A to Z postgame broadcast that Jon Robinson turns a different shade of purple during some of the in game decision making from Vrabel, so maybe it’ll be a mandate from the top.

Matt Dickerson is back for the millionth time.

The Titans have been extremely efficient in the red zone with Ryan Tannehill at QB. I think this is in part due to his willingness to test the tight windows and let his guys make a play. says that the Titans are pretenders, and who can blame them? To this point, the Titans have lost to good or average teams, and beat terrible teams.

Jonnu Smith is becoming a go to guy for the Titans and Ryan Tannehill. That’s great, the Titans need more receiving threats. A side note: Corey Davis and AJ Brown need more snaps and more opportunities than they received against the WORST PASS DEFENSE IN THE NFL.