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Snap count numbers prove Titans offensive staff has no idea what they are doing

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Bryan Woolston/Getty Images

All of the talk around here leading up to the game against Tampa Bay was about how the Titans would be able to take advantage of a defense that was last in the league against the pass. Teams weren’t even really attempting to run against them because it was so easy to pass on them. So what does this offensive coaching staff do? They come out and use MyCole Pruitt on 36 of 63 offensive snaps.

Pruitt, who I am sure is a lovely human being, was only on the field 3 snaps less than both Corey Davis and A.J. Brown. Not only that, but Pruitt and Anthony Firkser (who also played 36 snaps but at least gives you something in the passing game) played 8 more snaps that Adam Humphries- who has to be kicking himself for not going to the Patriots at this point.

We killed the last staff for being stubborn about running the football. This staff is not any different. The Titans are still an “establish the run stuck in the 1980’s” football team. Their ceiling will be around .500 as long as they stick to that mentality.