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Titans News: Failing Upward

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans won yesterday, stacking their second win in a row. Unfortunately the coaching staff (Mike Vrabel and Arthur Smith) left me with more questions than answers regarding the long term. Vrabel made another very bad late and close game decision, and Arthur Smith came up with an awful game plan against the worst pass defense in the NFL/best run defense in the NFL.

The worst part of Vrabel’s decision making is that he refuses to get help or accept that he’s wrong. Instead he goes into press conferences and says things like “no one questions these decisions when they work”, which is incorrect, as John Glennon pointed out. Get an analytics department, let them make these decisions for you, Mike, because you’re doing a terrible job of discerning what is the correct choice.

Ryan Tannehill was ok yesterday, considering the game plan. The Titans absolutely have to get Corey Davis and AJ Brown involved more. It’s ridiculous they only had 4 catches.

The Titans might have lost against the Bucs yesterday if it wasn’t for horrid officiating. Kern fumbled the ball and it was returned for a TD, but it was ruled that the play was blown dead prior.

Good things from yesterday’s game were that the defense is still pretty good, Mike Evans shredded them early, but getting Adoree back should help.