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Will you get Titans Buccaneers on your TV?

The map above (courtesy of 506 sports) shows you the broadcast map for the FOX games on Sunday (make note of the game being on FOX not CBS this week). The Titans vs. Buccaneers game is in the light blue, so if you don’t live directly in market for either team you won’t be getting this game on TV. This is no surprise with neither of these teams having any national appeal.

If you decide you want to watch another game at any point on Sunday, hopefully because the Titans are smoking the Bucs and you want to check in on the Colts game, you will be able to do that here in Nashville by switching over to CBS:

Here is the late game map:

Most people around the country will be watching the Patriots smoke the Browns. Here we will be cheering for Jon Gruden and the Raiders against the Houston Texans.