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Titans News: Unleashed Beasts

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

If Sunday’s game against the Chargers was any indication, the Titans have 2 incredible WRs in Corey Davis and AJ Brown. It’s almost like they should be utilized more. Both have great YAC ability and contested catch ability. Tannehill did a good job getting the ball to them and letting them eat.

Jim Wyatt says that the Titans were feeling themselves on Sunday. The enthusiasm they showed was contagious and we need to see more of it as the year goes on.

Jeffery Simmons was a man on a mission despite only getting 13 of the snaps on defense. What a monster he can be going forward.

Gregg Rosenthal believes that Jeffery Simmons can take the Titans defense to the next level. Casey and Landry are licking their chops at the pass rushing opportunities they are going to get with the big man in the middle.