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Titans News: Sparked

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Tannehill sparked the offense and Big Jeffery Simmons was a monster on the defensive side of the ball in a much needed win against the Chargers.

Jeffery Simmons is a massive human being. He also just played in his 1st NFL game ever and he notched several TFLs and a sack. He looks like the guy the Titans thought they were drafting.

Listen to Mike Vrabel’s post game speech after the big win.

The ending to the game yesterday was absolutely wild, and something that feels like it normally goes against the Titans. Instead, the Titans make a huge defensive stand and force a turnover.

Corey Davis and AJ Brown jumped to life in this game, something we hadn’t seen too often prior in the first 6 games of the year. If nothing else, Tannehill did a great job of getting the ball in the hands of his weapons and letting them work.

Ryan Tannehill seemed to get the ball out quicker on Sunday, resulting in fewer sacks. That doesn’t mean his pocket awareness was perfect, as he has several snafus. Also the line the last couple weeks has had issues with the cadence, causing false starts, and yesterday caused some very bad snaps.