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Titans News: Frogman Impresseth

NFL: Tennessee Titans-Minicamp Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Frogman won the Titans the game on Sunday and he made Marcus a better QB. Hard to argue with the results even if the rotation was kind of a wonky idea. Hopefully he will continue learning and takes more and more of the snaps until he’s the full time starter.

Vote AJ Brown, Blake Beddingfield’s favorite player, as rookie of the week!

FPI gives the Titans over a 50% chance to make the playoffs, and a power ranking spot of 18th. After week 2 and 3, I’ll take those playoff odds.

Titans are 22nd in the NFL in power rankings on I don’t have a gripe with it until we start proving otherwise.

If the draft was tomorrow the Titans would have the 13th overall pick. I would imagine we end up picking in the early to mid twenties, but who knows.