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The Titans Defense Is Allowing The Fifth Fewest Points Per Game

Get your act together, offense.

Tennessee Titans v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

It’s a poorly kept secret that the Titans defense has been off to a strong start in the 2019 season. Whereas the offense has mostly failed to generate anything resembling production, the other side of the ball is giving the team many chances to come away with points, but to no avail.

At 15.3 points per game allowed, the Titans defense is allowing the fifth fewest among all defenses this season. They only trail the Patriots (8.0), 49ers (12.8), Bears (13.8), and Bills (14.0).

Now here’s where the Titans separate from the rest: Those teams have a combined record of 18-3, and 4.5 wins per team. The Titans have yet to allow more than 20 points in a single game and they’ve continued to reach the short end of the stick from the offense.

Coincidentally, the Titans offense is producing the fifth fewest points per game (16.3), only trailing the Dolphins (8.4), Jets (12.6), Redskins (15.0) and Bengals (16.2).

The offense’s struggles can be pointed not only to the regression of Marcus Mariota, who has been sent to the bench in favor of Ryan Tannehill, but also the poor quality of the offensive line and a scheme from Arthur Smith that’s been inept at best. But despite the lack of scoring drives and points the defense has still given the opposite side numerous chances to change course.

I wasn’t expecting the Titans offense to be a major powerhouse this season, but nothing could’ve prepared me for how bad they’ve been thus far. Especially with today’s rules that are generous with quarterbacks and the pass happy offenses associated with today’s game, that’s not a good excuse. Even more troubling is that this is being done with all the work building the receiving corps as well as the addition of left guard Rodger Saffold, who’s been a surprising disappointment.

The season isn’t lost—not yet anyway—and since the defense has been on a roll the offense has time to turn things around with Tannehill at the helm. But that’s a big hypothetical, and the time remaining for a chance at the postseason is decreasing. What was thought to be a wide open division with the sudden retirement of Andrew Luck is slipping away from Tennessee, and the defense is the only reason they’re hanging on by a thread.