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Titans News: Sinking Reality

Tennessee Titans v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Ian Rapoport raported/reported that Marcus Mariota will give way to Ryan Tannehill as the Titans starter going forward. This was not unexpected, as I don’t think you have a meeting with the GM and staff just to keep the same guy at QB. The benching was well deserved after playing no more than 2 games of good football through 6 games. Marcus simply wasn’t making fundamental QB plays and after 5 years (no matter what the fill in the blank excuse is) it’s inexcusable not to not be able to hit open receivers or wait in a pocket with only 2 guys rushing. Tannehill should be able to make those types of plays and thus I think the offense gets better. I don’t think Tannehill is any good, but he should be an improvement on the play we’ve gotten for most of the year.

It absolutely sucks that Marcus isn’t the franchise QB for the Titans. Franchise QBs solve a lot of issues for team and for fans. Unfortunately he’s not the guy and the people stuck with the fallout are us the fans.

What’s the Titans biggest weakness? The offense, duh.

The Jags got 2 first rounders and a 4th rounder for Jalen Ramsey. Pretty good return, but I don’t think teams should trade elite players. Glad the Jags did though.

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