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Titans News: Day of Finality

Tennessee Titans v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Today is the day we will most likely learn whether the Titans will be going with Marcus Mariota or Ryan Tannehill for the remainder of the year. I think you should just ride Tannehill out the rest of the year, evaluate Arthur Smith as an OC, and Vrabel as a HC. Marcus is not making basic QB plays, and while Tannehill is not good, but he should be an improvement at this point.

Jeffery Simmons will practice this week and possibly play against the Chargers. The big man should help an already very good defense. Unfortunately he can’t help the offense much.

Mike Vrabel made a pretty tone deaf joke about him “not being a very good coach” when that is certainly questionable if he’s good.

The era of Mariota will be over after 2019 for the Titans, and the era of Winston will likely be over as well. After so much debate about who would be better, it is a shame that Marcus’ fate will be so similar.

Schein ranks the biggest losers of Week 6, and considering the long term implications of Sunday’s game, I think we should be #1.