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Marcus Mariota’s pre-draft weaknesses ring true 4+ years later


Mike dug up Lance Zierlein’s pre-draft scouting report on Marcus Mariota. Unfortunately all of the weaknesses that Zierlein highlighted have come to fruition over the course of 4+ years with the Titans:

I am sitting here listening to A to Z Sports while writing this. They are using this as the focal point for the discussion on whether Marcus Mariota failed the Titans or the Titans failed Marcus Mariota. The answer is absolutely both. The fact that Mariota still has all of the weaknesses in year 5 that he did coming out of Oregon show failure on both parties.

Every single player has areas he needs to improve when he comes into the league. It is on the coaches and the player to improve those weaknesses over time in the league. That simply hasn’t happened here.

Now it is time to turn the page. My hope is that they completely clean house from Mike Vrabel down and bring in a coach that understands a modern NFL offense to help whoever the next quarterback is be successful.