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Titans News: Point of No Return

Tennessee Titans v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

After 5.5 weeks of up and mostly down play from the Titan’s signal caller, they benched him after he couldn’t lead the offense past midfield for over a half of football on Sunday. It certainly feels like the end of the Marcus Mariota era, an era of substantial hope, but it ends in a very similar place. Failure. The Titans move to 2-4 on the season and it feels like they’ll be lucky to win any more games this year. We can figure out who broke Mariota at a different time, but it was an organizational failure for sure.

Moving forward it seems like it may be more beneficial to lose games than to win them. At minimum, Arthur Smith and the offensive staff need to be let go, and to ensure continuity on the offensive side of the ball and to get someone who embraces sound decision making, you could fire Mike Vrabel as well without any qualms from me.

The Titans will most likely be looking at the 2020 NFL Draft to find their future signal caller, and the rest of the season needs to be used as an evaluation tool on who is going to be part of the next era. Whatever that era is, it HAS to be an era focused on the offensive side of the football, because in the NFL, that is what consistently wins ballgames.

Brett Kern will certainly be part of that era, as the best punter in football proved again how valuable he is.

It will be interesting to see if there is any offensive fallout this week. A firing would not be surprising at all.