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Titans News: Art-istic Flair

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Some of you mistook my tone yesterday as #HATTEN on the Arthur, King of the Titons. I genuinely love the Art Smith hire. I think it is important for the offense to have some continuity and by all accounts he’s a great guy and a coach.

I ALSO think that I can have a little fun when pointing out the generational talents he’s coached with. I don’t think Art will necessarily be like any one of those guys, I just think it’s funny to look at the dreadful coaches we’ve had in the past.

So again, I LOVE the hire and look forward to having more than 2 Arthur Smith pictures to use in posts.

Jim Wyatt answers fan questions yet again, and some ask if Tony Romo should have been OC. I like Romo as a color commentator, but no chance I want him over King Arthur.

Montez Sweat is getting top 10 hype after his performance at the Senior Bowl yesterday.