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Titans News: Offense Wins Championships

NCAA Football: Kent State at Mississippi Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots and the Rams (disgusting) will play in the Super Bowl on February 3rd. I will be rooting hard for the Patriots because I cannot stand to see Stan Kroenke win a championship after actively tanking in St. Louis before taking the team to LA, breaking every so-called relocation criterion on the way, and running a smear campaign against the city of St. Louis.

Any way, now that THAT is off my chest, what we saw this weekend was that defense does not matter that much. No team in the top 10 of defensive DVOA was in a championship game this weekend, and 4 of the top 5 offensive DVOA teams were in. The NFL is changing, and the Titans need to get with the times. They don’t have a generational QB like a Brady or Brees, so they need to surround Marcus with as many weapons as possible, like the Rams do with Goff, or the Chiefs do with Mahomes (although Mahomes is an MVP candidate and much closer to generational than Goff caliber).

Daniel Jeremiah has the Titans selecting DK Metcalf in the first round and if that is who the Titans think is WR1, I’m all over it.

Jim Wyatt says that Peyton Manning will probably not be the Titans next OC.

The Titans Awards are out and here’s the results from Jim Wyatt.

The Saints got absolutely hosed, and anyone who says differently is wrong.