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2019 NFL draft: Introducing Jordan Brown, South Dakota State’s Senior Bowl Invite

Dave Eggen/Inertia Sports Media

Last year, one of the most talented pass catchers in the NFL draft came in the form of South Dakota State tight end Dallas Goedert. This year, the Jackrabbits have another intriguing prospect in the draft, cornerback Jordan Brown who will be showing off his talent at this month’s Senior Bowl.

Brown recently spoke exclusively with MCM about what he’s out to prove at the Senior Bowl, which NFL receiver he would love to cover one day, and why Darius Slay is one of his favorite NFL cornerbacks to watch on a weekly basis.

JM: Congratulations on being invited to the combine.

JB: Thank you so much. I appreciate that.

JM: You’ll also be participating in the Senior Bowl later this month. Where were you when you found about the invite and what was your initial reaction like?

JB: I was actually in South Dakota still. I was about to head home, I was on my way to the airport. My head coach called me and said that the invite was in the mail. I was speechless at that point. Jim Nagy sent me a text surely thereafter congratulating me as well. I thought that was pretty cool of him. I’m so thankful for the opportunity. I can’t wait to make a name for myself out there. It was such a surreal moment for me. My dream always been to play at the next level and playing in the Senior Bowl is a big step in the right direction of my goal.

JM: What’s the lasting impression you hope to leave on the team executives in attendance?

JB: Despite the fact that I come from a smaller school, I want to show them that I can compete with the bigger receivers from some of the bigger programs. I’ll be going up against some skilled guys so I wanna show that I belong. That’s always the knock on us guys that come from smaller schools. The main thing is to show that I can compete at a higher level. I’m just a normal prospect like everyone else, even the ones who come from bigger schools. I still have that chip on my shoulder and I’ll do everything in my power to prove that I can compete on Sunday.

JM: A good performance at the Senior Bowl could go a long way for you. When teams sit you down and ask about the smaller school competition stuff, how do you plan on responding?

JB: I think I played in the best conference at the FCS level. There’s no cupcake teams in the Missouri Valley conference. The competition has gotten a lot better over the years. You have to go out there and compete on a weekly basis. There are no easy games and we play against the best the FCS has to offer. Every game is a tough game. The biggest teams at the FCS level can compete with some of the bigger schools in the country. I put my best foot forward no matter who I’m up against. I take a lot of pride in that. I treat every opponent the same.

JM: What are some must have traits for a cornerback?

JB: I would say physicality first and foremost. An unwavering confidence is also vital. We have to have short term memories and be able to bounce back after giving up a play. You need to believe in yourself and move on when that happens. You have to understand this game and be able to identify with the offense is doing.

JM: Is there an NFL receiver that you’re excited to play against some day?

JB: I would probably say Keenan Allen. He’s so shifty in and out of his breaks. He loves to compete. I think he’s as tough to cover as any receiver in the NFL.

JM: Going back to your combine invite, is there a drill in particular you’re looking forward to competing in?

JB: I’m looking forward to every single one of them. I would point to the broad jump, the shuttles and what not, the drills that allow me to showcase my explosion. Explosiveness is another key trait for a cornerback so I’m looking forward to showing that off. That’s a good thing for me.

JM: Which defensive backs did you enjoy watching growing up? Did you model your game after any of them?

JB: I would probably say Darius Slay from the Detroit Lions. We have similar builds so I enjoy watching him play. I love watching Jalen Ramsey play as well. He’s the most competitive dude I’ve seen play the cornerback position in a long time. He’s fun to watch. Patrick Peterson is so athletic, he’s a pleasure to study. His technique may not always be perfect, but he’s always in a position to make a play.

JM: I’ve appreciated your time today, Jordan. What can South Dakota State fans expect from Jordan Brown going forward?

JB: They can expect greatness. I’m gonna get my opportunity at the next level. I’ll do everything in my power to get there and make the most of the chance that I get. I know everyone in South Dakota is proud of me and how far I’ve come but this is just the start. I haven’t done anything yet. Everything I did in college is over with now. That chapter of my life is closed. It’s time for a new chapter. I can’t wait.