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Come on Down and Try Your Luck. One Winner Gets a Prize.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll be honest, I was probably going to hold this contest anyways, but I ended up running out of time to finish my AFC Preview—I know, I know ... the lack of coverage on the Bengals, Dolphins, and Bills was a huge disappointment to all—and I wanted to find another way to wrap it up.

So, I decided to get everyone here (at least those who care to participate) involved. I’m “sponsoring” the first-ever MCM AFC Pick ‘Em.

The rules are simple:

In a single post (no amendments after the fact), give your record prediction for each AFC team. Also, clearly denote your 6 AFC playoff teams either with accompanying asterisks or by making the team names bold or italicized.

You’ll receive 1 point for every team’s record you are able to successfully predict within one game of their final, actual record. As an example, if you pick the Titans to win 11 games, you’ll get 1 point if they finish anywhere between 10-6 and 12-4. The relative order in which you list teams doesn’t matter, i.e. how you order teams you predict will have the same record.

You’ll also receive 1 point for correctly predicting that a team will make the playoffs. This second opportunity to score is not tied to the first—if you get a playoff team right, but miss on their record, you’ll still get the secondary point. Ideally, you would earn 2 points per playoff team by hitting on both their record and post-season berth.

That’s all there is to it. Theoretically, an entrant could earn a max of 22 points if they were right on every team, but we all know Nostradamus isn’t a member of the site. That brings me to one qualifier: you must have been a member of MCM (and a Titans fan) prior to this contest being posted. I don’t want the prize to go to someone who signs up just to “place a bet”, and I especially don’t want it go to a troll from the SB Nation Netherrealms. If you’re one of those “longtime reader, first-time commenter” folks, feel free to hop in and introduce yourself to the gang. If I don’t recognize your username, I’ll simply do a quick vetting if you win to make sure you meet the criteria.

In the result of any tie(s), those left standing will settle things by predicting the outcome of the AFC Playoffs, but we’ll cross that bridge if and when we get there.

Prize, you say? I’m offering up a Riddell Mini Helmet—in the Titans’ new design of course—to the Grand Champion. If I somehow pull out the win, well ... then everybody else who participates owes me one instead. I’m not sure I have a need for that many small helmets, but fair is fair.

The deadline for entries is this Sunday, September 9th, by 11:59 AM CST—before Titans @ Dolphins kicks off.

Without further ado, here is my entry:

1. Patriots - 11-5
2. Steelers - 10-6
3. Chargers - 9-7
4. Texans - 9-7
5. Titans - 9-7
6. Jaguars - 8-8
7. Chiefs - 8-8
8. Broncos - 8-8
9. Bengals - 7-9
10. Ravens - 7-9
11. Dolphins - 7-9
12. Browns - 6-10
13. Colts - 6-10
14. Raiders - 4-12
15. Jets - 4-12
16. Bills - 3-13

Good luck to everyone!