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Will you get the Titans game on your TV Sunday?

The Titans are on FOX this weekend when they play the Dolphins in Miami. I am not sure why they are on FOX when they are playing another AFC team, but that is where you will find them on Sunday. Sam Rosen and Cris Carter will be on the call. That’s not exactly the A team.

Here are the other maps for the weekend courtesy of 506 Sports:

We only get one game on CBS here in Nashville and that is the late game between the Chiefs and the Chargers. I have so much Melvin Gordon in fantasy.

Here is the FOX late map:

We get the Panthers vs. the Cowboys on that one. That could be an interesting game, but the CBS game will be a lot more entertaining.

Which game, other than the Titans of course, are you the most excited about watching in week 1 of the 2018 NFL season?