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Titans News: Bizarro World

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

In some unexpected news, Titans receiver Rishard Matthews has quit on the team. (Austin Stanley of A to Z sports was the first to break the story here.) He is reportedly requesting his release because he’s not getting the snaps he’d like. Boo hoo. It’s your job to show up and be a good teammate, not quit on the team because you’re not getting enough targets.

Rishard was a very good player for the Titans the last couple years, but risers in Corey Davis and Taywan Taylor left him 3rd on the totem pole. While I always liked Rishard while he was here, my lasting impression of him quitting on the team will certainly leave a sour taste. His last contribution to the team was dropping an easy catch for what should have been a 3rd down conversion.

In good news, Marcus Mariota is ready to start on Sunday and has no limitations, says Mike Vrabel. I will say that Mariota seemed much more reserved in terms of what he’s capable of doing physically during his Wednesday Press Conference.

Conklin might return to the fray for the Titans on Sunday as well. This would be a much needed development against one of the best front 7’s in football.

Rashaan Evans is seeing some improvement, and hopes to make an impact as soon as possible.

Adios Rishard. As many have said, “if you’re not for the boys, you’re against them.”