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Titans Could Be First Team to Rush for 100 Against Eagles in 2018

The Titans running game will be essential to earning a victory against the defending Super Bowl Champions.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

To beat the defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles, the Tennessee Titans must be able to effectively run the football.

The Eagles have yet to allow a team to go for over 100 yards on the ground.

The Indianapolis Colts lackluster backfield rushed for 68 yards. The previous week, Tampa Bay could only muster up 43 yards on the ground. The Buccaneers didn’t need to run the football as the 400+ yard day through the air from Ryan Fitzpatrick eliminated the need to do so.

The best running back tandem the Eagles have faced thus far was in the season opener against the Atlanta Falcons. Philly bottled up Devont’a Freeman and Tevin Coleman - only allowing 74 total yards on the ground.

The Titans offense pose an intriguing challenge to a tough Philadelphia defensive front seven.

With Marcus Mariota back in the starting lineup, expect the Titans to - yet again - focus on establishing production on the ground.

Run, Run, Pass

Ok. That headline may have triggered a wave of emotions due to the traumatic experiences fans had with prior coaches committed to the “Run, Run, Pass” philosophy.

OC Matt LaFleur is different in the sense that he will be more calculated with the overall offensive attack. The run play selection will be different. He will cycle through his options and find the runs that have the highest percentage of being successful. Same thing with the passing plays.

LaFleur will incorporate the play action but will stress to Mariota to take off if his immediate reads aren’t there.

The trio of Mariota, Henry, and Lewis put up 116 rushing yards in the season opener in Miami. Henry and Lewis combined for 98 against Houston, with Blaine Gabbert’s two rushing yards making it an even 100.

Against Jacksonville’s defense, the Titans backfield and supporting cast was able to make it three games in a row with at least 100 yards on the ground. Mariota, Henry, Lewis and even Tajae Sharpe helped to contribute to the 150 rushing yard total.

Offensive Line’s Tough Task

Keith Carter’s patched up offensive line group has done a solid job thus far with some key pieces in and out of the lineup over the first few weeks.

With the news of Kevin Pamphile’s move to Injured Reserve, expect more of the same from the Titans offensive line group. The team is likely hopeful to have either Jack Conklin or Dennis Kelly available to man the right side against Philly.

How the offensive line stacks up against the Eagles defense will be the difference in a productive running game versus one that is ineffective.

Will we see some more Wildcat against Philly?


The Titans will continue to use that formation here and there and gauge it’s effectiveness from this point forward.