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The Titans have allowed the fewest quarterback hits through Week 3

Extremely impressive considering two of Tennessee’s quarterbacks have been hurt.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

While looking over last week’s games, I decided to do a little research and charting on quarterback hits. As far as I know, ESPN is one of the few sites that looks after quarterback hits, so I decided to give it a swing and see what I could come up with.

The result? The Titans have allowed only seven quarterback hits, the fewest of 2018 as of this writing.

Titans: 7

Lions: 10

Rams: 10

Raiders: 10

Bengals: 11

Dolphins: 11

Saints: 12

Jets: 12

Panthers: 13

Bears: 13

Jaguars: 13

Chargers: 15

Patriots: 16

Vikings: 17

Steelers: 17

Ravens: 18

Redskins: 18

Broncos: 19

Cardinals: 20

Packers: 20

Colts: 20

Chiefs: 20

Giants: 20

Bills: 22

49ers: 22

Falcons: 23

Cowboys: 23

Buccaneers: 23

Eagles: 24

Seahawks: 26

Browns: 29

Texans: 34

Here’s several things to keep in mind: First, Matt LaFleur and offensive line coach Keith Carter deserve a lot of credit for developing a quick passing scheme and allowing the offensive line to hold the fort with the injuries sustained at the tackle positions and at quarterback as well. Second, yes that’s the Texans at the very bottom, which is no surprise considering their offensive line is horrendous.

Third, that is indeed the Eagles—coming to Nashville this week—in the bottom four, which is bizarre considering they had the best offensive line in 2018. Perhaps this will be beneficial to the Titans’ pass rush on Sunday.

Fourth, and finally, how quarterback hits happen and can be avoided depend on many variables. Getting sacked is obvious, but coverage sacks, how mobile you are as a quarterback, how poised you are, if your receivers can get open, if your scheme can provide for you, or if your offensive line gives you no time to react to pressure as you get swallowed by a pass rusher.

With that said, take this however you will, and we’ll see you on Sunday.