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Titans News: FOR THE BOYS

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Mariota came in for a concussed Blaine Gabbert and led the Titans to victory. He was excellent, even while operating at under 100%. This kind of win, just like last week, is the type of win you build on, and at the end of the season look back on and remember how important it is to win even when your team is not firing on all cylinders. Mariota’s teammates lauded him for his efforts against the Jags, and rightfully so.

Mike Vrabel gave the game ball to the only guy he could, Marcus Mariota. FOR THE BOYS.

Another guy who deserves a lot of praise is Matt LaFleur, who pushed all the right buttons for the Titans.

Mike Vrabel the frontrunner for Coach of the Year? seems to think so, and it’d be tough to disagree.

Dean Pees is calling a hell of a defense as well. The team that threw all over the Patriots last week did not even sniff the Red Zone on Sunday. That’s a winning formula.

This week I pray we get healthy for the Eagles. Adoree Jackson, Conklin, and Correa all need to feel better soon.