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Mike Vrabel had Taylor Lewan’s back while he was injured....unlike the former coach....apparently...

NFL: Houston Texans at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Taylor Lewan spoke to the media today for the first time since the hit in Miami because players aren’t allowed to talk to the media while they are in the concussion protocol- which he cleared last night. Lewan made a very interesting comment at the end of his time with the media (via John Glennon):

If you notice the last answer there he talks about the support he got from Mike Vrabel versus his coach in 2015. A lot of people took that as a shot at Ken Whisenhunt, but Lewan missed the last game of the 2015 season with a concussion. Whisenhunt had long been fired by that point in the season. It was actually a shot at Mike Mularkey.

Honestly, I’m not that surprised to see this. Mularkey comes from the “old school” when concussions weren’t taken nearly as seriously as they are now. The main takeaway here should be that it is awesome to see Vrabel have a guy’s back in the way that he did with Lewan. I do think that is one of the benefits of having a guy as the head coach who had a recent career in the league.