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Titans add 6 players to the practice squad

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Green Bay Packers Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans have started filling out their 10-man practice squad. According to Jim Wyatt of Titans Online the Titans have added 6 players to the practice squad that were with the team in camp. Those players include RB Dalyn Dawkins, LB Robert Spillane, DB Josh Kalu, DB Damon Webb, OT Tyler Marz and TE Jerome Cunningham.

The Titans probably would have added Luke Falk to the practice squad, but for some reason he was claimed by the Miami Dolphins. Could it be because the Dolphins want to pick Falk’s brain about the Titans offense. I usually laugh when people say things like that, but what other possible reason could there be for a team wanting Falk??

Deontay Burnett is another guy that I thought they would want to bring back here, but he chose to join his USC teammate, Sam Darnold, with the New York Jets.

The Titans have 4 more spots to fill on the practice squad. They will get that done before practice starts later in the week.