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Locked on Titans: Dave McGinnis breaks down the Dolphins game, looks ahead to the Texans

Lots of information here.

Tennessee Titans 2011 Headshots Photo by NFL via Getty Images

While it would have been nice to talk about more positive things, Jimmy and I were fortunate enough to have Dave McGinnis on Locked on Titans last night.

The former NFL head coach and long time Titans assistant coach is now working for Titans Radio, doing color commentary alongside of Mike Keith. It was interesting to hear his side of how Sunday went from a radio perspective, being that they were forced to be on the air for over eight hours.

McGinnis was fired up about a couple of referee blunders. He’ll tell you the story of how his Rams’ defense was one of the first to really figure out how how to stop the read option trend. He’ll also take a deep dive into how the Titans will go about replacing Delanie Walker and why you should be patient with Matt LaFleur’s offense.

Listen to the full episode below.