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Titans News: Murphy’s Law

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Miami Dolphins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Murphy’s Law states that “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” That is exactly what happened yesterday in the Titans/Dolphins marathon. In a game that set a record for the longest game ever at over 7 hours!!!!!

The Titans had way more bad things happen than good things. They saw their LT, Taylor Lewan, knocked out on an illegal hit (which no flag was given, besides a taunting flag that was offset), starting QB, Marcus Mariota, hurt his elbow on an illegal hit (again, no flag), and Delanie Walker was lost for the season on a play with 30ish seconds left in the game. This was after Jerome Boger and his incompetence henchmen decided to bring back a LONG TD from Derrick Henry on a phantom holding call.

Moral of the story is to NEVER travel to Miami. Don’t play em, just forfeit, it is much easier for everyone.

It was very sad to see the game unfold the way it did after 2 extremely good drives by the offense to start the game before the delays began. Hopefully Marcus and Lewan will be back next week for Houston, as well as Rashaan Evans, Harold Landry, and Jack Conklin. We will need to be full strength to have a shot to turn this year around.