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What Family Feud survey questions and answers would involve the Tennessee Titans?

Boxing: Davis vs Fonseca Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

I like to think everyone’s favorite game show is Family Feud, and if it’s not, it’s definitely up there. Hosted by Steve Harvey, the show involves two families competing head to head trying to give the most popular answers to survey questions for money and other prizes.

When I was on vacation in July, I watched several episodes of Family Feud, and it’s indeed entertaining. That had me thinking; What if a version based on the Tennessee Titans were to be made? What survey questions would be asked and what would be the most popular answers?

To answer this, I’ve compiled a list of survey questions and what I deem to be the popular answers to said questions. Depending on how many answers I can think of, each question has 5-6 answers, much like the show. So let’s get this started.

Name something that would make Mike Mularkey’s blood boil

1. Saying “Exotic Smash Mouth is for losers”

2. Giving Marcus Mariota an offense that makes sense

3. Throwing a screen pass to a receiver that isn’t Eric Decker

4. Playing the superior back over the back Mularkey wants to start

5. Eliminating the tight end-end around

6. Keeping drives going without drive stalling trick plays

Name something that Titans fans would probably freak out over

1. Preseason games

2. Saying “Marcus Mariota is trash.”

3. The first game of the regular season

4. Marcus Mariota actually having a bad game

5. Officiating

Name something that Titans would like to see from the national media

1. The realization that Marcus Mariota is not a bad quarterback and people should stop putting him on the hot seat

2. That Mike Mularkey is gone and the offense should look a lot better in 2018.

3. For Deion Sanders to realize that Kevin Byard is a top young safety and isn’t just some

4. That Jurrell Casey is a stud defensive tackle and should get more attention

5. That just because they have a significant number of players and personnel from them they are not the AFC South Patriots

Name something a Titans fan would want to say to a Jaguars fan

1. “Hi, I’m a Titans fan and I hate the Jaguars.”

2. “0-2 against TEN in 2017”

3. “Blake Bortles is your quarterback.”

4. “You let Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns walk!”

5. “You should’ve traded for Teddy.”

With that said, what Family Feud survey questions would you guys have that involve the Tennessee Titans? List yours and the survey answers in the comment section below!