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Bill Barnwell puts Marcus Mariota on his “Now or Never” list

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Our old friend Bill Barnwell has put out an article highlighting what he believes to be the 50 most fascinating people in the NFL this season. He put them in 7 groups. The first group is “The Now-or-Nevers.” That is the group where Marcus Mariota is listed second.

If you have been reading MCM for a while, you will remember the offseason where we had so many discussions about it being a “make or break” season for Jake Locker. It seems on a national level the discussion is the same about Mariota this season. That is pretty ridiculous based on the success Mariota had early in his career, but people don’t pay that much attention.

You can click the link to read all of Barnwell’s comments, but this line proves that he isn’t really paying attention to what is going on in Tennessee:

....but after years of cycling through coaches and schemes to try to fit their quarterback, at what point is it more about the passer than the people around him?

Actually, Bill, the two coaches before Mike Vrabel were fired for doing the exact opposite of that. The Titans’ fearless owner, Amy Adams Strunk, fired Ken Whisenhunt because she refused to change his system to protect Mariota.

Mike Mularkey was fired because, as you stated in the earlier paragraph Bill, the offensive system they were running was, your word, antiquated.

I like a lot of Barnwell’s stuff, but every time he writes about the Titans he proves that he doesn’t do his homework where they are concerned.