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Who’s been your favorite Titans’ acquisition in the 2018 offseason?

Can include free agency, draft picks, and coaching staff

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Titans fans have been pretty stressed out about yesterday’s performance against the Steelers—particularly Marcus Mariota’s—so to distract from that, let’s focus on the positive.

The Titans took steps to improve on both sides of the ball in the offseason. This is a young team with a new head coach/offensive coordinator tandem in Mike Vrabel/Matt LaFleur. With that said, who was your favorite acquisition? Choices can include free agent signings, draft picks, and new members of the coaching staff.

For my pick, I’m going with Dion Lewis. I’ve already explained how I feel Lewis is the more complete, versatile back in comparison to Derrick Henry, but it’s true. He has better vision, better receiving skills, better pass blocking, and perhaps the better runner in general. He should not be limited to being a third down back, as he can find success on the first two downs as well.

Now that my pick is out of the way, who was your favorite offseason acquisition? List your pick in the comment section below.