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Titans-Steelers: #TitansTwitter Overreacts

Presenting the #hottaeks from Titans Twitter during the poor Preseason Week 3 showing

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans first-team offense didn’t look so hot in the so-called “dress rehearsal” week of the preseason against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Marcus Mariota and Corey Davis were out of sync, the offensive line was manhandled, and the team continues to commit too many drive-ending penalties.

As we all know, it is very important to form definitive opinions and conclusions about coaches, players, and the upcoming season from one half of preseason action.

I’ve attempted to gather as many of those definitive opinions as I could from Titans Twitter...

For what it’s worth, Mike Mularkey went 1-3 in the preseason last year.

Is anyone interested in making a trade besides Archie?

Vulgar Fan doesn’t like Marcus Mariota very much:

Apparently the Titans went from a 1970s offense to a middle school offense.

Thanks for elaborating, Colby.

Right, of course, there’s no difference between preseason playcalling and regular season playcalling.

Meanwhile, Ernesto is done with the Titans for good:

He’s not the only one - Ron is also DONE!

Aras has never liked the Titans and probably never will.

Tyler is not happy with the Vrabel hire because he doesn’t run Oregon’s offense.

And Jim is just fed up!

Charlie already knows how the season will go. He’s not the only one.

Alas, the hot takes roll on...

Look, the simple reality is that while this was not in any way an encouraging performance, the preseason really does not matter and has proven to be a lousy indicator of regular season success.

I encourage everyone to look up the 2016 Falcons’ Week 3 preseason game, with Matt LaFleur at QB Coach, before the Falcons went on to have the highest scoring offense in the league and Matt Ryan won MVP.

I’m not saying the Titans are Super Bowl-bound, I’m just trying to prove the point that preseason really does not matter.

I think we’re all just ready for the season to get here.

What’s your hot take-takeaway from this game?