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Where were you when the Music City Miracle happened?

I’ll never forget!

Redskins v Titans Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

This week’s theme on the SB Nation NFL blogs is “where were you when...” The obvious choice for the this site is where were you when the Music City Miracle happened? I have told my story a bunch of times, but some people might not have heard it before, so here it goes again.

I was a senior in high school in January of 2000. The Friday night before the game I was at a high school basketball game and my parents left the house for a little bit to take my sister somewhere after going to the grocery store. When they came back home, they realized someone had broken into our house. They didn’t end up getting much from the break in, other than a case of Moutain Dew my mom had just bought for me, but they really trashed the place. They dumped out every draw in the entire house. There was crap everywhere. We cleaned up some that night, but left most of it to be done on Saturday.

Saturday morning I had a church league basketball game. I had a terrible game, so I was pretty ticked off after that and the events of the night before. The Titans’ game was starting as I got in the car, so I listened to Mike Keith on the way home before sitting down in the den at my parents’ house to watch the rest of the game with my dad.

The game takes me from ticked off to just plain ol’ depressed. If you were watching the game, you know what I am talking about. Steve Christie kicks a 41-yard field goal with 16 seconds left in the game to give the Bills a 16-15 lead. The season is over. I am looking around the room realizing that after all of this I have to spend the rest of the day cleaning up the house.


I still get goosebumbs and tears in my eyes watching that to this day. The next 10 minutes are so are a blur between the jumping around the living room, high-fiving my dad, and running up to the TV while they are showing the replay to prove that it was a lateral.

If you watch the TV broadcast:

It takes just under 4 minutes from when Kevin Dyson crosses the goal line for Phil Luckett to announce the play stands. It felt like a million years and 4 seconds all at the same time.

Where were you when the Music City Miracle happened?