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Titans sign Delanie Walker to a 2 year contract extension


Sports: Titans Uniforms Andrew Nelles-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a big day in Nashville. After practice today the Titans announced they that had signed Delanie Walker to a 2-year contract extension:

Delanie has been the lifeblood of this offense since he came here. In fact, no tight end has more receptions than Walker since he joined the Titans. That’s right, more than the guys you are drafting in your fantasy football drafts like Rob Gronkowski and Travis Kelce.

It will be interesting to see what his role is in this new offense. He is versatile enough that he can thrive in any system. He has the speed to get down the field, runs great routes and is a really good blocker. You don’t find many guys that have that total package.

Delanie is also great in the locker room. He was one of the first guys years ago to speak up about the change of culture needed inside that building.

It has been a big day for Jon Robinson. He locked up Taylor Lewan earlier today and now gets a deal done with Walker.

The Delanie news broke while we were recording our podcast. You can listen to our live reaction here.

Here are the details of the deal: