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Fantasy football rankings 2018: Titans come in 23rd in Yahoo team rankings

Divisional Round - Tennessee Titans v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

It is going to be an interesting year when it comes to Titans’ players and fantasy football. I think they are being underrated on the national scene currently with the exception of Derrick Henry. If anything, Henry is probably being drafted as running back 18 according to Fantasy Pros. Meanwhile, Dion Lewis is being drafted as running back 27. Assuming both stay healthy for the entire year, the touch distribution will probably be pretty close to 50/50. So you are getting a much better value, especially in a PPR league, with Lewis.

Yahoo! does a Juggernaut Index on teams each year in the preseason. The Titans came in at #23. I get that, but I bet they end up a lot higher than that. My prediction is that Marcus Mariota is a top 10 quarterback, Corey Davis is a top 20 wide receiver, Delanie Walker is a top 5 tight end and Henry and Lewis are both top 20 running backs. Bold? Absolutely, but the talent level is there with this group.

So you can probably steal the Titans in drafts where you aren’t with a bunch of Titans’ fans. Guys like Mariota, Lewis, and Davis are all being WAAAY undervalued right now. Take advantage of that while you can!