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“Igniting the Fire” Episode Two Recap

Episode 2 is all about the Titans passing attack.

NFL: Tennessee Titans-Minicamp Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Last week the Titans unveiled the first episode of their new behind-the-scenes video series called “Igniting the Fire”. If you missed it, you can get caught up via the link below.

Igniting the Fire - Episode One

While Episode One focused on getting to know new head coach Mike Vrabel, Episode Two shifted the focus to the passing attack. You can watch it below.

Igniting the Fire - Episode Two

They spent the first half focused on Matt LaFleur and Pat O’Hara’s work with the quarterbacks. They talked about getting back to fundamentals and some of the specific things that each quarterback was working on in OTAs — Marcus Mariota was focused on widening his base, Blaine Gabbert was asked to tweak his front foot when throwing, and Luke Falk was working on the placement of his non-throwing hand. LaFleur also talked about timing being a focus — which makes perfect sense for a Shanahan style West Coast Offense — and mentioned that players were graded on timing every rep.

After a quick introduction to the Titans equipment manager, they turned the focus to the wide receivers and their coach, Rob Moore. Corey Davis was the focus of the majority of this segment as they talked a little bit about the importance of the time that he missed during OTAs and training camp last year. The coaches praised his attitude and work ethic and there were a couple good clips of him working with Rob Moore on technique. They also showed several clips from practice of Davis and he looked very healthy.

While I would’ve loved to see them get more in to some X’s and O’s talk, I can understand why they wouldn’t want to do that. Overall I think the first two episodes have been great content and I’m looking forward to next week’s episode which focuses on the running backs. What do you think so far?