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Titans Links: Agressive Offseason

Multi-Platinum Superstar Duo Florida Georgia Line And The NFL’s Tennessee Titans Team Up For The ‘Tradition Evolved’ Concert Event In Downtown Nashville To Celebrate The Titans New 2018 Uniforms Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for Florida Georgia Line and Tennessee Titans

Cameron Wolfe writes that the Titans had an aggressive offseason to help Marcus Mariota. I really think he hits the nail on the head here, as everything the Titans did this offseason was to take the next step and help Marcus thrive. I think the only thing the Titans could have maybe done better would have been to get Marcus another WR or pass catching threat, which they apparently did in trying to bring in Rob Gronkowski, the GOAT TE.

Igniting the Fire: Episode 1 on Mike Vrabel was really good. I think I’ll enjoy the pieces on the players and more of the coaching staff more, but it had some really great behind-the-scenes clips you wouldn’t be able to see anywhere else.

ESPN picks the Titans as the #1 most likely team to miss the playoffs this year after making it last year. I’m very surprised the Bills weren’t #1. The Texans are chosen as the team most likely to make the playoffs after missing it last year.