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Titans Links: Perfection?

17th Annual Waiting for Wishes Celebrity Dinner Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for The Kevin Carter Foundation

Gregg Rosenthal wrote about every AFC team’s weakness going into 2018. Surprisingly enough, he said the Titans do not have a weak spot. First off, I can hardly believe that anyone wrote that, but it should be a very good sign of what JRob has done in just a few years after taking over arguably the worst roster in the NFL. I would argue the Titans’ weak spot is WR. We do not have anyone that has proven to be a #1, and even though I think Corey Davis has the potential to be that, we need to see it first.

Jim Wyatt says the defense had another good day. This is the case everywhere new schemes are installed, and the Titans have a complex, brand new, offense, whereas the defense has a lesser transition. Don’t panic about the offense right now.

Kevin Byard is ready to lead, and the coaches all love him.