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Titans Links: Red Carpet

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jurrell Casey says he’s ready to roll out the red carpet for the Titans rookies, getting to know them, seeing how they think, taking them under his wing. The Titans have 2 linebacker rookies that should see a lot of snaps in year one, with Dane Cruikshank potentially stealing some snaps from Cyprien.

Chad Reuter has the top 150 college players to watch in 2018. I can tell you right now that while Drew Lock will be a prospect hyped much like Josh Allen was due to arm strength, he is pure garbage as a QB. Ed Oliver, Nick Bosa, and the Clemson boys however are the real deal.

Speaking of college players, who will the Titans draft in 2019? Well, Jim Wyatt has some of the way too early mock drafts.

Jim Wyatt fends off a classic Bammer in his weekly mailbag, who surprise surprise, LOVED the Rashaan Evans pick, hated all the other picks, wanted us to draft Calvin Ridley, get rid of Corey Davis, and sign AJ McCarron. Good grief.

The Titans are betting big on Corey Davis, and I believe it’ll pay off. Cam Wolfe takes a look.

Michael Griffin is signing a 1 day contract with the Titans to retire as a Titan. This is ok I suppose, but I’m not going to pretend Griffin was some great player for us. He had 1, maybe 2 good seasons, and beyond that he was average to very bad.