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Titans Links: Dream Matchup

Not many links today. In fact, just one. asked some of their contributors what a dream Super Bowl Matchup would be next year. Unfortunately, none of their answers included the Titans, which would be half of the correct answer.

So, I pose to you, ladies and gentlemen of MCM, what would your dream Super Bowl Matchup be next year?

For me, the Titans versus anyone is a pretty dream scenario, in the Super Bowl, but a win against the Rams of Los Angeles would be extremely sweet for a variety of reasons.

First, the Rams beat us, so it’d be nice to return the favor. Second, Stan Kroenke is a huge jerkface, and I wish nothing but the worst for his franchise. So why would I want him in the Super Bowl? So we can crush his team and send them into a downward spiral to the annex of football hell.

So what is your dream Super Bowl matchup?